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About Us

Utsaha- central India’s biggest marketing fest- is one of the most awaited events in the B school calendar. We have grown from an idea to understand rural consumer behavior with active support and projects from government, corporate houses, institutes and SMEs. Traditionally, we have been an event dedicated to marketing research that gain insights from rural market population.


- Highlights -

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Embrace knowledge and experience from one of the best marketing minds of our country.


Utsaha Festival

Marketing Research to gain hidden insights from the urban population.

- Clients -

- Testimonials -

"I am grateful to the team for the efforts they have put in. They have been very creative in channelizing their marketing festival to get thoughtful insights into consumer behaviour in our industry.

Smallest inferences such as that for the willingness to pay for a particular pack, preferred flavour or be it the importance suggested for ATL Branding have given us food for thought.

Lastly, even with respect to existing well-known brands, this report could be fruitful to improve our messaging when it comes to ATL activities."


- Coordinators' Speaks -

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Shalini Priya
Overall Coordinator

Utsaha, the largest marketing fest in India, derives its meaning from the value it creates as a marketing event, binding urban and rural India together. It strives to combine the enjoyable and challenging aspects of work at once through thoughtful marketing workshops and worthwhile research activities. This year too, the team is ready to face all the challenges and be the best version of itself.

Digant Rohila_OC_edited.png

Digant Rohila
Overall Coordinator

Utsaha is best described as a fest full of interesting and engaging activities. The team has been developing fresh, original concepts every year to satisfy the business requirements of our corporate clients in a dynamic world and to provide workshop participants with enlightening experiences. Acknowledging the higher expectations and even higher zeal for this year, we will endeavour to strengthen the tradition of the yearly marketing festival.

CA Anchor

- Timeline details -

The event will be conducted in both online and offline mode. For offline the event will be conducted in New Auditorium. Musical night will be held on Mess 2 ground.

To know the entire schedule click on

Food Stalls - New Audi (Banquet Hall)
  • London Bubble

  • Sancha's creamery

  • Metro Kebabs and Grills

  • Dope Burgers

  • Red Bull

  • Cheese Factory ( Mess 2 )


Utsaha Campus Ambassador Programme

Be a part of the Team!


Urban Utsaha Workshop Series

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